Media Buzz

"Good Girl" shooting

Oct. 13 2018

Shooting feature film “ Good Girl” in Palm Spring desert area. Nice crew, nice location and nice weather.

Qi Pao Festival Promo Video Shooting

Sep. 01 2018

This is a big challenging project. We shoot next to Googleplex......

Video Shooting in Santa Barbara Polo Club

Aug 20 2018

We go back to Santa Barbara Polo Club again...

Santa Barbara Polo model shoot

Ang 10 2018

Santa Barbara Polo model shoot in our garage....

Vivian Haunng's thesis shooting

July 17 2018

We help our new member "Vivian Haunng" finish her acting thesis.....

Santa Barbara Polo product shooting

July 15 2018

Santa Barbara Polo product shooting season is coming.....

Music Video Shooting

June 13 2018

A group of hot girl was shooting a music video in our studio.

Beneath The Banyan Tree

January 31st, 2018

Our first feature film is finally wrapped! Still long way to go for the post. Stay tuned for the screening day!

TLC Chinese Theater

January 30th, 2018

Parking on the Hollywood Blvd, shooting at TLC. That's my Hollywood dream come true!

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